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Why Hire Third Party

Using a Third-Party Safety Professional What is a third-party safety professional?

 A third-party professional is a worker who is independent of the company they are providing services to. Whereas, a first-party professional is one that is within the organization, an employee of that company. The third-party professional is be able to provide a variety of services such as auditing, program development or on-site supervising. What is the value of a third-party safety professional? There is great value in using third-party professionals. These professionals are able to provide objective and consistent safety compliance reviews and recommendations. Being independent, the safety professional is unbiased without the influence of internal office culture or dynamics. Additionally, by having the safety professional present and visible on the job, the company is demonstrating their commitment to safety. 

 How do you pick the right third-party to provide the safety professional? 

When we hear the word “safety” workers and leadership often have negative feelings. Safety was (and sadly still is in some cases) treated as “policing”. The safety professional tells everyone what they have to do and what they are doing wrong. This method doesn’t motivate anyone. Safety can be positive when we are personable and make safety personal. Third-party safety companies and professionals should encourage and motivate workers to be compliant by recognizing and acknowledging the things done right while also providing feedback on areas that need improvement. Education is a huge factor here. By educating the worker(s) on the benefits and risks of certain behavior, safety becomes personal and therefore valuable. When providing this feedback, a safety professional shouldn’t reprimand but feedback with respect. Doing so can discourage the worker(s) from becoming defensive and dismissive.

 Is SDG right for you? 

SDG is a third-party independent safety consulting firm that provides a wide variety of services based on your needs. Our motivation is protecting companies and workers by preventing incidents and accidents. We do this by providing positive engagement, education and feedback. By getting people to see the value of safety and think of it as something they want, not just something they need, we have a better chance of creating a positive, safe and compliant work environment for everyone.

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